Water Access at a Local Dispensary

Local construction workers laying the foundation for a water tank riser. 

Local construction workers laying the foundation for a water tank riser. 

Kimundo Village - December, 16, 2017

The Kimundo Dispensary is a local clinic that serves our village Akeri as well as the surrounding villages of Kimundo, Nkoanrua, Patandi, Damu, Shimbumbu, and Ngwayalo. The dispensary is a place where members of the community can seek medical care for minor health needs. Last year, 1,329 children under 5 years old and 1,362 pregnant women were assisted at the facility. Mothers and their children are frequent patients that utilize the dispensary, but all members of the community are welcome. The dispensary typically sees around 30 patients per day for various health concerns.  

Each year, our returning Community Health Facilitators work on a community project during the summer program, and this year, the Kimundo Dispensary pulled on our CHFs' hearts. After many meetings with the doctor of the dispensary and community leaders, we began to fundraise to improve access to clean water at the dispensary. Our CHF’s crowd fundraising campaign raised over $700.  

Currently, the dispensary does not have running water inside the building. Although there is a water tap outside, it is not reliable. Some days, there is no water available for the dispensary. In order for the clinicians to access water, they fill a bucket and carry it back inside the facility. During the day, they must carefully conserve water for only very essential needs. If they run out, they must take time away from patients to refill the buckets. The lack of running water severely constricts the daily operations of the dispensary and negatively impacts the health care of the community.


With the additions of a water tank riser and plumbing, the staff will no longer be concerned with gathering water. As the project continues, men hired from the community are building a plumbing system for the dispensary. The head doctor, Dr. Lucy, will be able to quickly wash her hands to assist her patients, and they will be able to wash themselves if needed. The toilets will have water taps to improve sanitation. The dispensary will be better equipped to ensure a clean environment, and even the outer facade of the facility will improve as shrubs and trees can thrive with access to water.

The Kimundo dispensary is the main clinic for over 6,300 people. Although this is just a start to the improvements proposed by Dr. Lucy and the community, running water will make the biggest impact on the operations of the dispensary. Together with the community, we envision a future with a dispensary fit for all healthcare needs.

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